June 22, 2016

Van Empel Inspections and Consulting opts for Dynamics NAV, CRM and the BDivergent Suite Inspection and Maintenance Suite

Van Empel Inspections and Consulting had to adapt its business processes to its CRM system, clearly the wrong way around. So how can we reverse this situation? While future-proofing our systems and moving them into the cloud?

As a company that inspects fuel, heating and plant facilities, Van Empel always wants to offer quality to its clients. This goal is a high priority, not only to help clients achieve maximum yield from their plants, but also to guarantee safety inside buildings. That demands an IT solution that provides appropriate, efficient, targeted support for operating processes.

Wrong way around
“We were using CRM software that had been designed for installation technicians, not for inspectors,” says Dennis van Stratum, Operational Manager at Van Empel. “We were constantly having to adapt our methods to our CRM system, and that wasn’t how it was supposed to work. We decided to look for a new solution. We also wanted to update our ERP system and move it into the cloud.” Van Empel went looking for an ICT partner that could help them with these goals.

More than technology
Finding the right ICT supplier proved more difficult than they expected. Van Stratum: “Many companies only offer the technology. We were looking for a partner who could brainstorm with us to provide advice and answer questions.” Van Empel was immediately convinced after talking with BDivergent. “Over the course of two hours, we discussed our scenarios and reviewed appropriate options.” The answer? The BDivergent Solution Suite for Inspection and Maintenance, CRM, SharePoint and Dynamics NAV, all based on the Microsoft Dynamics Platform.

BDivergent and Van Empel opted for the Microsoft Dynamics Platform as the basis. Building on that platform, BDivergent delivered sector-specific software modules to provide optimal support for Van Empel’s operating processes. Van Empel will be able to expand its ICT environment in future by adding Suites to meet needs as they arise. The HRM Suite seems like a logical next step.


  • Advice, questions and answers, and facilitation via a single point of contact
  • Basic platform to support other business processes in future by adding appropriate Suites
  • Working together and sharing knowledge across all the business processes
  • Efficiency and better services thanks to complete platform
  • Flexibility to add suites in efficient, cost-effective ways as needed
  • Fully cloud-based: anytime, anywhere, on any device

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