May 31, 2016

Nivo Groep Zaandam improves efficiency and customer-friendly operations with CRM Solution Suites

How can we take a more customer-focused, even more efficient approach? That’s the question that Nivo Groep Zaandam asked itself. The business service provider was ready for a new communication strategy, based on smart automation using an appropriate CRM solution.

“Our business information was stored in various locations and systems. As a result, we no longer had an overview and our customer service was not personal enough,” says Pieter de Braal, Managing Director at Nivo Groep. “We also wanted to achieve a system that allows us to safeguard our knowledge and helps to set goals. Our previous CRM system was cobbled together internally, which made it impossible for us to adapt it to meet those needs.”

Dedicated partner
Nivo Groep was looking for a collaborative ICT partner that could brainstorm with them to translate their business needs into the right technology based on a personal approach. “A business partner pointed us toward BDivergent: a young, energetic company whose employees have a proven track record in the CRM world,” De Braal explains. “It felt right from the very beginning. BDivergent offered a clear explanation of what they could do for us.” A new partnership had been born. “A year later, we have commissioned BDivergent to handle our entire CRM solution.”

Solution Suites
BDivergent started by personally explaining the concept of BDivergent Solution Suites to the Nivo Groep employees who would be working with it. BDivergent then made an inventory of the group’s needs in terms of sales, projects, course administration, records maintenance, and management information. Finally, those needs were translated to the right technology: the Microsoft Dynamics Platform. Office 365, CRM and PowerBI were supplemented by the Project Management and Course Administration suites, as well as COIN for commercial insights.

Its new CRM environment allows the Nivo Groep to collaborate and share knowledge across its business processes. The result according to De Braal? “Increased customer satisfaction, because we can easily access customer information, significant cost reduction due to increased efficiency, and an ICT partner we can count on.” The CRM environment also offers the Nivo Groep sufficient flexibility for the future. The environment will be expanded shortly to include Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ERP) to support financial processes.


  • CRM details displayed with a single click
  • Opportunity for more personal, customer-focused approach
  • Increased efficiency due to CRM system that optimally supports business processes
  • Cost reduction due to fewer manual actions and more effective communication
  • Scalable in terms of functionality and data processing capacity
  • More effective organisation thanks to targeted information provision and clearer administration at the individual level

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