July 5, 2016

BDivergent transposes Mondicon business preferences into smoothly running Microsoft Azure technology

As a supplier of customised mobile data solutions, Mondicon is keenly aware of how important it is to relieve its clients’ burdens. When Mondicon wanted to have a database built to support its new SIM management portal, it went looking for an IT partner that demonstrated the same dedication to service. BDivergent was a perfect match.

Mondicon provides mobile communications based on SIM cards from three different telecom providers. To manage these SIM cards centrally, Mondicon commissioned the development of a new management portal. That meant they also needed a database where all SIM card data could be accessed and edited in real time.

No hassle
“We were looking for an IT provider that could transpose our business preferences into smoothly running technology without any hassle for us,” explains Jurgen ter Hoeve, Commercial Manager and co-owner of Mondicon. “That is BDivergent’s distinctive strength, as we knew from previous talks. It was an easy choice to make.”

Direct consultation
BDivergent built the database behind the management portal. How to achieve a seamless transition from portal to database? BDivergent consulted directly with the people who built the portal. Ter Hoeve: “BDivergent and Mondicon speak the same language. BDivergent understands exactly what our business priorities are. They understand that it doesn’t matter how IT works, as long as it works. As a result, we had every confidence in the collaboration between BDivergent and the portal builder – and we had no qualms about stepping out of the equation.”

The result? A database hosted on Microsoft Azure which is integrated with the SIM management portal. Even more importantly: a smoothly running, comprehensive solution that allows Mondicon to deliver customised mobile data solutions efficiently to its clients and resellers, without any hassle in terms of technological implementation or management.


  • Cost-saving, time-saving transition from business requirements to IT
  • Personalised facilitation via a single point of contact
  • IT partners coordinate with each other without Mondicon as a go-between
  • Smoothly running database that is seamlessly integrated with management portal
  • No technical management for Mondicon

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