Microsoft Platform

With Microsoft, flexibility and reliability come standard: all the functionality needed to run your business. Alongside productivity software like Microsoft Office and SharePoint, CRM is a key to success in Microsoft. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online brings structured and diversified knowledge and content together, making it easily accessible. For everyone, everywhere, always, up-to-date and tailored. The Platform is user-oriented and recognizable, thanks to the Microsoft Office look-and-feel. Our BDivergent Solution Suites are based on this platform, with all the required functionality, custom-made and fitted to your business. We know your business challenges and what tools you need. Custom-made based on sector needs, to help you and your team members get the most from your software.
Inspection & Maintenance

Are you looking to provide insight into your resources: those you maintain for yourself or your customers? This insight will help you or your customer to gain a certificate based on the (recurring) inspections you have done. By using this solution, you will always maintain control of your planning, resulting in real-time insight into your workload and what your inspectors need to do. Give your inspectors this real-time information and provide more value for the customer experience. Control over your resources is guaranteed!

Human capital

Do you want to grow your organization? Invest in your employees! Monitoring the growth of your employees helps you have more insights into how they are developing their career within your organization. This forward-looking engagement creates committed employees who are willing to help build your company’s success. A rich soil for your Human Capital to grow.

Implementation management

Implementing changes to your organization requires structure and control. Bridging the gap between expectations and realization is the key to success. Our Solution Suite helps monitor change and helps your team transition from an idea on paper to an actual new way of working. Because action is a fundamental step in realizing change. That’s real management!

Trainee administration

Save time by communicating consistently between your customers and your participants? Match educational partners and employee-based skill needs and certification development requirements. Our Solution Suite supports recurring courses, making it simple to setup once, to repeat and to ensure the timely delivery of certified employees to your customers or departments. Our suite, your guarantee of success!

Subscription Management

Are your customers buying products that you need to support or renew on a regular basis? When your revenue is linked to these renewals it’s really important to forecast them and gain an insight into your customer base. That’s exactly what our Solution Suite will offer: insight starting from first registration to recurring invoicing and aftersales. Simple, right?

Customer loyalty B2B & B2C

Give your customers an incredible experience so they become loyal ambassadors for your brand. With our user-friendly Solution Suite, we enable efficient control of your loyalty programs, letting you provide really useful cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Saving has never been this much fun!

Project management

The art of project management? Organizing and creating an overview. An overview emerges by integrating all the processes around your project’s goal. You can use this effectively. Sharing information across departments is also key in this overview. Keeping planning and budget aligned helps you avoid surprises. That’s what you want, after all!

Supplier management

Do you realize that suppliers play a crucial part in a tightly-integrated chain of events even before a customer comes into play? They have a significant impact on the continuity of your product or service. Having an insight into the performance of these suppliers is essential for your team and company. Using our Solution Suite lets you transform supplier management into a strategic strength. This way you can buy efficiently and effectively while also nurturing the relationship with your supplier. Let’s buy!

About Us

Think Divergent. Be Divergent!

Only solutions that truly help get the most out of human capital are really at the cutting edge of innovation. At BDivergent we connect human capital to innovative solutions. How? By being different. By approaching business challenges from a broad perspective, but with a focus on specific markets. By being able to make a connection and translating information technology challenges. This lets people working with our solutions leverage their talent, thus making a positive contribution to the organization’s objectives.

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Be Divergent
Management Consulting

Creating synergy between innovative software and human talent. That’s BDivergent. First you need to connect to translate business needs into an ideal IT environment. Alongside the human talent in your organization we deliver engagement and contribute to its goals. In a range of roles such as trusted advisor, implementation consultants or sales support. With a range of service partners, customers or with a specific department, we match what your organization needs. The results? An ideal IT environment, an efficient business, prospects becoming customers, customers becoming ambassadors, a better competitive edge, efficient collaboration and knowledge-sharing, all contributing to more sustainable success.


Implementing software is more than just installing it. Will my IT environment support my growth ambitions? Can my people work efficiently? At BDivergent we analyze and research your needs before jumping to a solution. Together we tailor and implement the appropriate solution. Training your team members, so you can be sure your teams are using that solution to its utmost potential. How do we perfect this methodology? By following our BDivergent Solution Implementation Methodology.


Our help is cantered on helping your organization follow its own path. That path comes with tailored support, aligned to your goals, fitted to your culture and budget. We take the burden out of managing IT, we respond with pro-active feedback, and we help you transform into a learning culture. We recognize that support inquiries always have a cause. That makes them opportunities to improve your business. This interaction empowers the growth towards a better and self-learning organization. Please click here to go to our Support page.


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Keeping an eye on your market
Professional Services

As a professional business you want to focus on process and results. Whether you’re working in Finance, IT, MarCom or E-Commerce. BDivergent lets you do just that. With appropriate IT architecture that delivers efficient project management, clear reports and a One Customer View.


Retail begins at B2B and ends at B2C. That needs software which provides an insight into both worlds. Software that helps by optimizing deliveries and real-time stock insight, while boosting sales to customers.

Research And Consultancy

Insight. It’s crucial for research and consultancy firms. Not just organizational performance but for every aspect of a project, right through to collaborating with customers.

Government And Education

Doing more with less, the digital revolution and an aging society. These are just a few real-life challenges faced by educational and governmental institutions. BDivergent has answers for these. For example, a portal and document management system for municipalities, or empowering schools and universities with an efficient method for centralizing documents involved in exams and courses.


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